11 Am to 7 PM

Our private yacht tour from Mykonos to Rhenia is perfect for anyone searching for a sublime fusion of sea, sun, history, and solitude while in Greece. Rhenia, unlike many of its neighbors, enjoys very few visitors making it ideal for solitary moments of complementation away from the boisterous parties of Mykonos. The island, like all in the Cyclades, is stunning. It is fringed by idyllic sandy beaches, kissed by the glittering turquoise of the sea, secret coves with crystalline waters perfect for snorkeling and only accessible from the water., and an inspiring collection of sandy beaches to explore, should the magnetism of Rhenia's lure you away from the beautiful Cycladic coastline.

Set Sail to Rhenia / Check The Tour

We will meet at our private yacht “Magic Happens” in Ornos Bay, where you can stock up on refreshments and anything else you may need for the day. From there, our yacht will sail atop the alluring Aegean to the historic shores of Rhenia, catching glimpses of Delos, Rhenia’s smaller neighbor, as we complete the journey.

Our first stop will be one of the pristine and completely unspoiled white sand beaches, where we’ll anchor in complete solitude. Once we drop anchor and turn off the engines, the breathtaking seclusion of Rhenia will become even more apparent, with nothing but the gentle whisper of the wind and the rolling Aegean waves licking at the sand as background music to your adventure. Here, you can choose to swim or snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, enjoy the remote scenery from the yacht or explore the beach — a perfectly sublime and harmonious spot for meditation, sunbathing, and photography.

Rhenia is entirely uninhabited, save for the local flora and fauna (nature lovers should look out for the local goats!), so crowds are rare, as is meeting anyone else. So we are likely to have a beach to ourselves for the day.

There is a small collection of sandy beaches on the island, with idyllic coves hidden across its coast and a highly photogenic isthmus that links its two sides. You will enjoy beaches clothed in soft champagne-colored sands with radiant blue waters, naturally formed without any modern amenities to strip them of their ancient and immaculate charms. We can sail to many of these bays or choose one to anchor at one for the day — the choice is yours.

An optional Diversion: DELOS

From here, we can explore more of Rhenia and her captivating secrets or choose to sail onwards to Rhenia’s little sister: Delos. Just a stone’s throw away, many locals still refer to the islands of Delos and Rhenia as Deles (plural of Delos) due to their linked histories. Stories are everywhere here, many of them intertwined through history and with both Delos and Rhenia. One story tells of the island appearing to provide a birthplace for the twin Gods Apollo and Artemis. This Ancient Greek tale led to Delos becoming sacred to Greeks, and in a bid to cleanse the island, the dead (as well as the seriously ill) were all moved to Rhenia.

A visit to Delos is perhaps better suited to history lovers as the island has many archaeological intrigues and a small museum useful for explaining the islands’ long and colorful past and viewing some of the more interesting archaeological discoveries. But like everywhere else in the Cyclades, there are numerous beaches to explore should you wish.

When our tour of Rhenia is complete, we will board our yacht “Magic Happens” and sail you back to Ornos Bay, under the fiery autumnal colors of the sunset for another magical evening on Mykonos.

South Beaches

Elia beach Mykonos

11 AM to 7 PM

Ornos — Psarrou — Paraga beach — Paradise — Super Paradise — Agrari — Elia — Agia Anna

This Mykonos tour of the south beaches is a perfect option for beach lovers and sun worshippers looking for the best beaches, bays, and island views on Mykonos. We will sail south from Ornos for a day of luxuriating in turquoise waters and sunbathing on stunning white-sand beaches. We'll tour some of Greece's most renowned beach clubs and introduce you to a more relaxing side of Mykonos at Agrari Beach — all from the understated luxury of our private yacht, "Magic Happens."


Set Sail to South Beaches / Check The Tour

We’ll meet in the morning at the stunning Ornos Bay, where you will board your private yacht “Magic Happens” for the day. After a brief orientation, we sail south, making our first stop at the curvaceous Psarrou Beach and the renowned Nammos Restaurant, where a philosophy of lazy luxury reigns supreme. Claim a sunbed and indulge in a cocktail or stay aboard our yacht for dreamy, private dips into the Aegean.

Next, we sail to Paraga Beach, where you can visit one of the island’s most legendary restaurants: Scorpios Bar. The daytime atmosphere follows a mood of sublime relaxation — a mixture of modern convenience and ancient tradition. Stone walls blend into the natural scenery and provide an intoxicating retreat to luxuriate on the seductive and secluded beach. The food is exquisite — Mediterranean in style but unmistakably modern in execution. 

After our time at Paraga Beach, we’ll sail to two of Mykonos’s most celebrated and best-known beaches: Paradise and Super Paradise. 

Paradise Beach is best suited to party lovers with boisterous beach parties and barely-clothed entertainers. Here the nightclubs of Europe are transferred to the warm sandy beaches of Greece, with renowned live DJs supplying a modern dance-orientated soundtrack (with plenty of cocktails) all day and night. But if you prefer something a little more laidback, then Super Paradise Beach is best. Here, you’ll find a classic example of Greek island luxury, with understated live music providing a relaxing score to languid views over the sultry turquoise waters.

Continuing the theme of “twin beaches,” our next stop will be Agrari and Elia, two beaches separated by nothing more than a rocky outcrop but with two distinctly different personalities to uncover. We will anchor close to the bay, which is fabulous for swimming, and from there, it’s easy to walk or swim to whichever side of the beach appeals to you the most. 

Elia is best for watersports, with fantastic snorkeling and diving spots as well as plenty of sun loungers and fine sand. Agrari, at the opposite side of the bay, has coarser sand and fewer sunloungers and is always less busy than its neighbor — making it popular with anyone looking for relaxation and lazy swims in the shadow of the lush hills that protect the beach from the wind.

Both Elia and Agrari are perfect examples of Mykonos’s world-class beaches, each licked by the refreshing blue waters of the Aegean, with stunning views of the islands that are always perfect under the fiery Greek sun.

Next, we set sail for the blissful bay at Agia Anna, with stunning vistas of the sea and surrounding islands. Sun loungers are available, but the warm water is perhaps best enjoyed from the privacy of our yacht and so ideal as the final stop on our private yacht tour of Mykonos’s South Beaches. 

Delos Rhenia South Beaches


11 Am to 7 PM

Mykonos – Delos - Rhenia — Paradise/ Super Paradise Beaches — Agrari/ Elia Beaches — Mykonos

Our tour of Delos, Rhenia, and the sun-soaked southern beaches of Mykonos will introduce you to two distinct personalities of Greece: history and the sun. Visit one of the Cyclades' most important archaeological sites at Delos — a birthplace of Gods — as well as the tranquil white-sand beaches at Rhenia Island, where you can swim in the shadow of Ancient Greek monuments. We'll end the day by sailing to the southern bays and beaches of Mykonos, visiting some of Greece's best beach bars while indulging in the sublime ambiance of the Cyclades.

Set Sail to Delos - Rhenia - South Beaches / Check The Tour

Set Sail to Delos

We will meet at our yacht “Magic Happens” in Ornos Bay and sail south to the stunning island of Delos, Mykonos’s sacred little sister. The island is a history lover’s dream come true. Here, the myths and legends of the Cyclades come to life in stunningly well-preserved temples, once-grand theatres, and an agora — the last chapters from the story of Ancient Greece — that on Delos began with the births of the twin Gods Apollo and Artemis. Many of Delos’s sights are visible from the yacht, but should you wish; we’ll stop for a visit to the archaeological site to better view the incredible ancient buildings or hike to the peak of Kynthos to enjoy the dreamy vistas of the Aegean. 

Sail to Rhenia

Next, we sail a short distance to the inspiring beaches and crystal clear waters of Rhenia Island. A little-known island paradise that remains almost entirely undeveloped. The island is a protected archaeological site, with few inhabitants other than the local goats grazing alongside wildflower meadows, so it offers plenty of opportunities for swimming and sunbathing without the crowds of Mykonos. A breathtaking collection of white sandy beaches awaits on Rhenia, as well as a series of ruins for those wanting to explore more of the Cyclades’ incredible history.

A Tour of the South Beaches of Mykonos

Now we sail back towards Mykonos to tour south Mykonos’s most exquisite and notorious beaches. The choices here are eclectic: beach havens serving up wine, cocktails, and experimental cuisine in chic settings, perched alongside unspoiled white beaches with little but the local flora for company. 

But some of the most popular spots remain Paradise and Super Paradise beaches — both stuffed full with amenities and opportunities for beach parties and delicious Greek lunches. Choose Paradise, with its boisterous party atmosphere, if you are in the mood for modern music, island-inspired cocktails, and a younger crowd, or Super Paradise, if you prefer your atmosphere a little more refined and classic, enjoyed with a glass of Greek wine.

Other options include the stunning adjacent beaches of Agrari and Elia. Elia beach is ideal for diving and water sports, beach bars, and tavernas, while Agrari offers a more peaceful option for sun-seekers craving a lazy afternoon of relaxation and sunbathing with romantic views over the cerulean waters of the Aegean.

After our tour of the South Beaches, Rhenia, and Delos, our yacht “Magic Happens” will sail you home to Ornos Bay.

South Beaches - Tragonisi


Ornos — Psarrou — Paraga beach — Paradise — Super Paradise — Agrari — Elia — Agia  Anna - Tragonisi 

Our Mykonos beach hopping tour takes in the sun-drenched southern tip of the island, where sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and fiery sunsets combine to create a paradise for sun-seekers and water lovers. Add to this some of the world’s best beach clubs with amazing food (think: the Mediterranean diet enhanced by creative cocktails and acclaimed DJs), secluded bays, stunning nature reserves, and a sunset other stunning Little Venice, and you’ll see why our Mykonos tour of the south beaches and Dragonisi is one Ocean Magic’s most popular journeys.

Set Sail to South Beaches & Tragonisi / Check The Tour

The journey begins just south of Mykonos Town at beautiful Ornos
Beach aboard our private yacht “Magic Happens,” where you’ll also find a range of shops and restaurants should you need to find any last-minute provisions for the day.

We set sail to the south
beaches making our first stop at Psarrou Beach, well-loved by travelers thanks to the stunning translucent
waters that calmly curve into a 150-meter long sandy beach, protected by lush hills and well served by numerous
restaurants and shops.

Next, we sail to Paraga Beach, home to the bustling,
world-renowned Scorpios Bar. Here, travelers are greeted by a relaxed atmosphere beautifully blended into the
natural landscape and modeled after a modern interpretation of an ancient Greek agora. The beach club has stone
walls, wooden cabanas, and driftwood daybeds spilling out onto a secluded beach with uninterrupted views of the
open sea and the boats drifting into the horizon. And the food is some of the best on Mykonos.

Next, we sail to the twin beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise.
Think of these as similar but not quite the same. Paradise attracts younger crowds with all-day dancing and
drinking, while Super Paradise is a little more refined and a little higher end with a well-heeled clientele
sipping on champagne at Pinky Beach while enjoying some live jazz. Where the two differ even further is the
beaches. While both have stunning crystalline waters, Paradise Beach is longer and protected by low hills, while
Super Paradise is a narrower beach encased by hills adorned with white villas.

Our next port of call is the beaches of Agrari and Elia, two sides
of the same beach divided by only a rock, but the two couldn’t be more different. Elia is an excellent spot for
activities such as diving and other watersports, as well as beach bars and restaurants. At the same time, the
comparatively lesser-known Agrari is best for those seeking something a little calmer with fewer amenities,
better suited to relaxation and sunbathing. Both are perfect for sun-seekers with inviting golden sands and
pristine azure waters forever flickering from the touch of the Cyclades sun.

After a swim, we sail towards the tranquil blue bay at Agia Anna,
with perfectly serene waters perfectly suited to most swimming abilities.

Next, we’ll continue our journey to the idyllic and unspoiled
surrounds of the uninhabited Tragonisi Island, where we can spot, with some luck, the Mediterranean Monk Seal
and do a little snorkeling or diving, or enjoy the silence away from the crowds. The beaches here are crowd-free
and natural, and there are numerous completely private coves only reachable by boat, each perfect for nature
lovers and anyone seeking a quiet spot to swim and relax.



Naousa Paros

Paros — Kolimbithres — Santa Maria 

Our Mykonos to Paros private yacht tour sails you to the sun-kissed island of Paros for a day of exploring one of the most stunning Cycladic islands. We’ll follow the footsteps of ancient Cretans, Macedonians, Romans, and Byzantines, wandering through rural villages and idyllic ports before finishing the day luxuriating on Paros’s mesmerizing white sand beaches. A highlight is the world-renowned Santa Maria, where you can choose to swim, take to the waters on a jet ski, drink a cocktail, or just lay back and soak up the divine Paros sunshine.

Set Sail to Paros / Check The Tour

We’ll meet at Ornos Bay under the blazing Mykonos sun, where you’ll board our private yacht “Magic Happens .”After a brief orientation, we’ll weigh anchor and sail towards the shores of Paros. As we make our approach, you’ll no doubt note the chalky interiors home to the ancient marble used to make the Venus de Milo (in the Louvre) and Napoleon’s Tomb, amongst others, as well as those famous whitewashed hillsides so emblematic of the Cyclades.

Our first stop on Paros will be Naoussa, a stunning waterside village filled with typical Cycladic architecture, historic fortresses, and vibrant taverns serving delicious Greek cuisine. You’ll have time to wander the old streets and take in the sights around the town before we head back into the water to make our first beach stop.

After a short journey from Naoussa, we’ll anchor our yacht at the beautiful Kolimbithres in the west of the bay of Naoussa. Swimmers of all abilities will be well-served with gorgeous turquoise waters and a sublime white sand beach. But the beach, with its otherworldly rock formations, is a fantastic spot for photographers and anyone with a passing interest in geology. Explore a little closer to the rocks, and you’ll note that many are almost perfectly smooth — worked into these alienesque shapes by millions of years of wind and tide — and they hide naturally formed swimming pools and secluded patches of beach away from the main crowds. 

Next, we sail to the inviting shores of Santa Maria beach, effectively two beaches that curve to form one long stunning bay, each with a distinct charm. The north side of the bay is an ideal spot for thrill-seekers, with windsurfing, scuba diving, and water-skiing facilities at the surf Centre, alongside excellent tavernas and beach bars — many offering sunbeds and parasols — ideal for an alfresco lunch accentuated by swoon-inducing vistas of the Aegean Sea. Stroll to the other side of the beach, and you’ll find secluded patches of sand offering a more tranquil experience.

The sand on both sides of Santa Maria is stunningly soft, washed over by heavenly azure waters that are shallow enough even for families with young children to enjoy a swim — making Santa Maria an ideal final stop on our Mykonos to Paros tour. 


Kato koufonisi

Naxos – Koufonissia


Our Mykonos to Naxos and Koufonissia tour takes us to some of the most beautiful natural beaches in the area. We’ll begin by hopping along the coast of Naxos, an island rich in nature, with beaches perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. We’ll end the day sailing the islands of Koufonissia — where natural beaches of white sand and topaz water blend into a beguiling collection of tiny villages crisscrossed by the same cobbles that travelers have encountered for centuries.

Set Sail to Naxos & koufonisia / Check The Tour

Set sail to Naxos

The journey begins at our home on Mykonos — Ornos Bay. After boarding our yacht “Magic Happens,” we’ll sail towards the long white sandy beaches of Naxos — a haven for both sun lovers and windsurfers thanks to its almost perfect wind conditions and long, white, dreamy beaches. Our first stop is Agios Prokopis, a brilliant example of Naxos’s beaches, where pristine blue waters gently roll over champagne-colored sands often visited by local Herons, all accentuated by incredible views of its Cycladic neighbors.

Our next stop is Plaka (and Agia Anna) Beach, a length of sandy beaches with stunning crystalline waters. The beach is a sunspot with little natural shade, making it the perfect beach to top up your tan — and there’s a small selection of Tavernas should you need to refuel. The further you walk along Plaka, the fewer people you’ll encounter, with nudists preferring the very end thanks to the unspoiled serenity found there.

Kastraki, with its sublime turquoise waters and a rocky outcrop at one side of the bay, is our next stop. The beach is quieter than many on Naxos, and it has uninterrupted views over the Aegean, making it ideal for tranquil exploration and Mediterranean lunches with sea views.

Sailing to Koufonissia

Next, we’ll sail towards the delightful islands of Koufonissia — a sleepy slice of old Greece snugly perched between Naxos and Amorgos. Here you’ll find little fishing villages dotted with typical Cycladic cottages, overlooking stunning white sand beaches and fascinating archaeological sites — ideal for a short cultural pause from the beaches… should you wish.

Our first stop here is Kato Koufonissi, a protected island with a single church and a tavern lost amongst a small selection of villas and swoon-inducing vistas of the sea. The beaches are rustic and natural, many with striking stone monoliths reaching out from the turquoise waters and popular amongst those who prefer their island adventures au naturel.

Next, we sail to the gorgeous Glaronissi IslandAn otherworldly, all-natural escape named after the seagulls that are often found perched along its cliffside. Adventurers will love the island’s collection of coves and sea caves, while those seeking relaxation will find it amongst Glaronissi’s breathtaking hidden beaches.

Our final stop before heading back to the familiar waters of Mykonos will be Pano Koufonissi, a small settlement blessed with stunning aquamarine waters, intriguing caves, and colorful endemic flora.

The paradisiacal beach at Pori is next. Here soft sands fall into sublime powdery blue waters, with enticing caves, perfect for adventurous swimmers. Yachts accentuate the horizon while a couple of traditional tavernas provide sustenance for those seeking some relief from the Greek sun. Pori is an ideal final stop on our Mykonos to Naxos and Koufonissia tour.